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Always to the right address – by post or digitally

We can increase the response and order rates from your postal mailing and email campaigns by selecting and obtaining private and company addresses from many different national and international address lists and databases for specific target groups.

Offline boosts online with inserts in parcels, magazines, and at the point of sale

The strategic planning and execution of your insert campaigns across all relevant insert channels in order to acquire new B2C and B2B customers is our profession. With our focus on your target group, we use our in-house developed tools to identify the most successful insert locations in parcels, magazines, or at the point of sale. This service enables us to access all the available B2C and B2B addresses in the market and offers you unrestricted access to the world of insert marketing.

More budget through the professional marketing of your media

With competition-neutral marketing of your corporate media, such as insert spaces in your packages, catalogs, or customer magazines, or the rental of your customer mailing lists, we can generate relevant additional revenues for you and save your marketing budget through strategically sensible barter transactions in the B2C and B2B sectors.

Attract new customers with high-reach voucher products

We bring companies together and create high-reach coupon booklets, inserts, folders, and mailings, which we distribute together with major brands and media to different target groups. In fact, this is how you can acquire new customers extremely economically with modern tie-in advertising, also offline.

Increase campaign efficiency increase and save costs

Dialoghaus offers you all the IT services you need for professional dialogue marketing and CRM. The key to your success lies in the maintenance of your customer data and obtaining up-to-date addresses in conjunction with the optimization of third-party addresses for a single usage in a mailing campaign. Using tried-and-tested analytical procedures in the preliminary stages of new customer acquisition or a customer retention campaign, we optimize the address selection and therefore increase the performance of your advertising campaign.

If you want to impress your customers, print with Dialoghaus

Our production is specialized in the professional printing of your personalized and non-personalized print media. We can produce your postal mailings, catalogs, flyers, brochures, postcards and vouchers in small and large print runs, from flamboyant and classy to simple and inexpensive. We work internationally with highly-qualified printing companies and lettershops to implement your advertising campaigns in the best quality, reliably, and cost-effectively. Our promise to you – a customized print product, conceptually well thought-out and adapted to your target group and with product-specific processing or finishing – this along with our personal consultancy is what distinguishes us from online print shops!


Target-groups are our passion

Dialoghaus is an independent, owner-managed company that has been successfully planning and supporting dialogue marketing campaigns for our customers in a wide range of B2C and B2B industries since 1997.

Our core competence is new customer acquisition via dialogue media – with measurable success and international know-how.

We combine media, analytical, and dialogue marketing expertise from a single source – that’s what makes us so special. To ensure the success of your advertising campaign, our experts work closely together ensuring you receive customized target-group consultancy, effective planning and implementation as well as the optimized purchasing of media and advertising materials.

From an address publisher to an innovative dialogue marketing consultancy

With a focus on postal addresses and mailing-based dialogue marketing, Dialoghaus GmbH was launched in September 1997 by the five founding partners Jürgen Grundmann, Johann Kuhlendahl, Juliane Jung, Jeannette Kuhlendahl and Carolyn Gelsomino.
The desire to go one step further and develop dialogue marketing with customers and partners, to create innovative solutions and dialogue marketing services for the greatest possible customer benefit, united and inspired the team. In the same year, the Dialoghaus car database and the large SAT.1 viewer database were created and marketed exclusively by Dialoghaus. The first clients who placed their trust in us were Eurolotto and Publicis Dialog with Aktion Mensch, for whom we are still working today – after more than 20 years.

Our expectations were exceeded

The market had validated us. Just two years after our founding, we were already working for prestigious customers and solving fascinating tasks. The team increased to 11 colleagues and new blood in form of a subsidiary had already joined the company. We moved into new premises at both locations to create the conditions for further growth. Even at that time, we took advantage of the new electronic forms of communication and their combination with the successful tools of classic dialogue marketing in order to generate leads and acquire data. The topic of marketing cooperation was becoming increasingly important and we brought our customers and contacts together. Customers such as Royal Mail, Reemtsma, Citroen, and the Günther, Paetsch, Goothusen and Schröder lotteries rely on us.

The (Dialoghaus) world became more digital

Email marketing was the new savior with its personalized addressing, quickly implemented high circulation numbers and no postage costs. This caught the attention of many companies and inspired us to set up the first email-only campaigns to acquire new customers for our clients.
In addition to email campaigns, postal recommendation mailings have become a real success story for many advertisers – especially in the gambling and telecommunications industries. This enabled lesser-known companies in particular to benefit from the recommendations of the big ones, and we made sure they came together and got the campaigns off the ground. During this period we expanded our Print & Mail department so we could professionally manage the large print runs of mailings that we produced for our customers.

Establishment of the Dialoghaus Analysis department

Simple address trading was yesterday. The promotion of all contacts from a database or unweighted third-party addresses became much more efficient through the use of scoring methods based on enriched characteristics and analyses. Focusing on data in the highest score categories saved costs and improved campaign results by up to 50%. This trend, which continues to this day, prompted us to set up our own analysis unit. Since then we have tracked down characteristics profiles for companies to filter out the target group that was most likely to buy. We now have the appropriate statistical methods for every question, the best attributes for them, and the corresponding know-how to interpret the answers from the data.

Corporate Media became new service offering

Customer and member magazines became an essential part of the corporate communications of prestigious major companies where customer relationship management was a top priority. These mainly consisted of car manufacturers, banks and financial service providers, health insurance companies, retail chain stores, non-profit organizations, and travel providers. The particularly high-purchasing power of the target groups of these companies were virtually inaccessible in terms of density via other advertising channels. This was one reason for us to fully develop the corporate publishing market with these interesting advertising media for our customers. Today, we have access to all the relevant customer magazines in German-speaking countries.

cheerful smiling pharmacist chemist man standing in pharmacy

No. 1 in the marketing of package inserts at mail-order pharmacies

The expansion of online stores along with the rapid increase in the number of outgoing goods shipments has provided the package insert with a comeback. Whereas the insert used to be an non-personalized advertising medium overshadowed by the address, in the form of the online voucher it has become the must-have of every insert campaign. With the federal data protection amendment already looming on the horizon, which was to jeopardize the continued existence of the address business, we laid the foundation for the “8 Channels for Successful Insert Marketing” with the placement of package insert spaces and the corporate media offering. In the same year, we won Germany’s largest mail-order pharmacies for an exclusive marketing campaign which made us No. 1 in this segment.

The Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) amendment has changed the address business

When the BDSG amendment came into force, a jolt went through the direct marketing user and service provider sector. Traditional third-party address mailing and address rentals had to submit to the restrictions of the new law. As a result, many companies had to stop renting out addresses, and the “mailing” advertising medium consequently became much less attractive due to the lack of list selection. The amendment did not leave us unscathed either. The address business collapsed. We defied the trend by building up our Ubiquidata household database and stepping up our non-personalized insert business.

Strategic partnership with eXotargets

The amendment of the Federal Data Protection Act led to advertisers paying even greater attention to their own customer data. The topic of data cleansing came into the focus of many and the demand for alternatives to Deutsche Post increased. This was the key motivation for Dialoghaus in taking a minority stake in the Frankfurt-based database and address service provider eXotargets. Together, we succeeded in developing a data cleansing offer that activates several cleansing options in sequence in order to achieve the best possible quality at reasonable prices. A free-of-charge data diagnosis is still our entry-level offer for interested parties.
In the same year, together with all our colleagues, we published the first Dialoghaus cookbook, “You can’t think on an empty stomach!”

Dialoghaus Media Sales launches a new marketing concept

In operational terms cross-media approaches were still in their early days, but companies were already increasingly tapping new sources of additional revenue in advertising space marketing with their own corporate media. On the marketer side, people were still stuck in their respective worlds as online or print publishers. We saw this as an opportunity to create new types of media booking combinations for advertisers with a cross-media marketing offer and to optimize additional revenues for companies that take on third-party advertising. Currently, 60 companies are actively marketed exclusively through us with cross-channel media offerings.

New focal points in the analysis

In cooperation with B2B data specialists beDirect and Business Data Solutions, who had combined their data sets into Germany’s largest business database, a new metadatabase concept was created. With more than 6.4 million addresses, the database offered maximum market coverage and a uniform attribute set with high attribute density. Dialoghaus’ integrated scoring process helped our customers identify new potential customers. At the same time, we introduced Prognostic Targeter, an analysis method that uses criteria in the B2C market to approximate affinities and behavior and set new priorities in analysis relating to customer loyalty.

Offline boosts Online

The motto of our very first trade fair attendance at the OMR in Hamburg made many companies curious. With our new products Multidialog 4.0, a sophisticated Print2Web solution that combines the power of letter and insert advertising with the benefits of an interactive channel, and Gutscheinbox, a flexible web app that helps optimize insert campaigns, this year we also had many interesting solutions for online retailing to offer.
With the launch of our dialoghaus-b2b.de website, we presented our full range of services for business customers for the first time.


High-reach coupon booklets boost online retailing.

The year 2020 will go down in world history because of the Corona pandemic. The lockdowns in spring and winter and the fear of contagion amongst the population led to a rapid growth in demand for many mail-order companies. Online retailers invested heavily in marketing to increase their visibility during this period and attract numerous new customers. Dialoghaus launched three high-reach coupon booklets for the first time this year, with a total circulation of 4.5 million copies. ABO+, brands+ and APO+ create the required visibility in exciting target groups at low prices per thousand and are continuing the trend of voucher marketing in the form of tie-in advertising. With the relaunch of our dialoghaus.com website, we presented our entire service portfolio with a new look and feel and created a link to the websites of our specialist departments, where you can find detailed information on all services.


Our team

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