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Our colleague Heiko Möhrke celebrates his anniversary

Congratulations on 20 years of Dialoghaus

He has been with us for 20 years: our colleague Heiko Möhrke started at Dialoghaus on July 1, 2003 and joined the IT Services department. He was already familiar with databases and addresses through the topic of registration and learned classic direct marketing from the ground up. He then developed into an absolute expert in processing and quality issues at Dialoghaus with a great deal of commitment.

With a high level of expertise and appropriate care, he has since taken on all tasks relating to address preparation – especially for our customers’ postal mailings. He never loses track of all order details. Heiko is very passionate about data quality and remains calm even under time pressure.

We greatly appreciate his expertise and reliability and are delighted about 20 years of loyalty to Heiko Möhrke. We wholeheartedly say “Congratulations and thank you, dear Heiko.”

Heiko Möhrke
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