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The APO+ edition for September 2021 is now available for booking!

“After the game is before the game” – Sepp Herberger’s quote also applies perfectly to our APO+ coupon book. Just these days, the hot-off-the-press spring issue of APO+ is arriving at mail-order pharmacies for distribution to 1 million pharmacy customers, and we are already planning and marketing the next issue.

For those who do not yet know APO+: 
The APO+ coupon booklet is distributed via five of the largest mail-order pharmacies in Germany and reaches 1 million pharmacy customers via their outgoing goods shipments. The distribution date for the fall issue is September to November 2021, so it’s the perfect time to fire up the Christmas business, too!

Target group
+ age focus 40plus
+ medium to high purchasing power
+ online shopping affinity
+ health- and quality-conscious

APO+ is now a set medium among pharmacy customers, gaining more acceptance and attention with each new issue. For online retailers, publishers, insurance companies, and even the pharmaceutical industry, APO+ offers the ideal advertising space to increase your visibility in attractive conditions.

You can find detailed media data here:
media data APO+

For product-exclusive ad placement, please contact us on time.

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