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Handwriting Personalization – Try now and save 36 cents per letter!

Imagine the following: Your mailings have an open rate of 99%. Your conversion rate increases by an average of 85% as a result of the mailings, and the average shopping cart value increases by 25%. Sounds too good to be true?

These are the results of a CMC Dialogpost study in which an A/B test was conducted. For this purpose, 4,000 maxi postcards were sent out, one handwritten and one machine-printed. Of course, the handwritten postcards were not written on paper by the company’s management; instead, the mailings were written by state-of-the-art robots that can write in real ink using a variety of fonts. The result is a handwritten letter, as you know it from the old days, but which is significantly different from other mailings. The robots are so clever that they randomly vary the spelling of the letters slightly so that no two letters are the same.

Handwritten letters/mailings convey appreciation and uniqueness, attract attention, and arouse emotions in the recipient. Let’s be honest, which letter will stay in your memory longer? A printed one that includes the usual text, images, and coupons, or a handwritten one that is unique and makes you feel like it was written just for you?

Learn more about the exciting topic of handwriting personalization and our first quarter trial offer here.

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